How to Set a Persona and Create a Customer Journey

In general, is broken down into kpis, subdivid into measurable goals. And the results seen. Cta (call to action) it means “call to action” and means to encourage users who visit a website to take the action they want to take . It is said that the effect changes only by the color and shape of the application button, etc., which is one of the important factors that Ecuador WhatsApp Number influence the conversion rate. Cv (conversion) the result you want to achieve on the web. Goals differ depending on the advertiser, such as product purchase.

Membership Registration,

Document request, inquiry, etc. Cvr (conversion rate) the Ecuador WhatsApp Number percentage of ads click that led to conversions. It can calculate by ” conversions ÷ clicks x 100 “. The impression it means that the ad actually display on the web. Sometimes abbreviated as ” imp ” or ” imps “. The number of times it is displayed is called the “number of impressions” or “number of impressions”. CPM (cost per mille) it refers to the advertising cost incurred every 1,000 times of displaying a web advertisement. Also referred to as cost-per-impression. CPC (cost per click) is the cost of a web ad to get one click. Also expressed as cost per click. The average cost per click can calculate by ” cost (cost) / number of clicks “.

Ctr Click-Through Rate

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Clickthrough rate, which is the ratio of the number of times an ad. Is click to the number of times the ad display to the user. It can calculate by ” clicks impressions x 100 “. Cpa (cost per acquisition) refers to the cost of acquiring cv results such as product purchase and membership registration. Also called conversion unit price or acquisition unit price. It can Ecuador WhatsApp Number calculate by ” cost (cost) ÷ number of CVS “. Roi (return on investment) it is the profit on investment and is an index that measures the profit on advertising expenses. It can calculate by ” profit (sales -cost) ÷ advertising cost x 100 “. Road (return on advertising spend) it is the cost-effectiveness of advertising. And it an index show how much sales were paid back for advert expenses. It can calculate by ” sales amount ÷ advertising cost x 100 “.

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