Persona Setting Once You’ve Set Your Goals, Set Your Personas

“it’s not very effective. “i’ve been taking over from the previous person in charge …” is it really okay for the ad planning staff to deliver the advertisement and lp (landing page) as they are? This time, i will introduce the basics of advertising planning work that is a little difficult for people to hear, and the points of creating advertisements and lps (landing pages). Please refer to it. First, four things that ad planners should. Do before delivery Belarus WhatsApp Number advertising planner. The advertisement planner considers the issues faced by the customer. From various angles such as effectiveness and budget. Selects and proposes the medium to which advertisement is most suitable to be delivered.

And Formulates an Advertisement Plan

Here are four things you should do before Belarus WhatsApp Number creating an ad/lp (landing page). (1) goal setting first, set goals. Your expectations for advertising will change depending on the content of the promotion. If you serve an ad without setting a goal, you can’t judge whether the ad is good or bad even if you measure the effectiveness. Be sure to clarify your goals.  Goals are sometimes called kpis (key performance indicators) . Goal points during operation. Expansion of sales and number of inquiries purchasing products on the site and reaching the form completion page are considered to be the achievement of the goal. Check how much you have achieved your goal on a monthly basis, and focus on how effective it is on advertising costs.

Increase the Number of

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Site visitors it is considered that the goal is achieve. When the ad Belarus WhatsApp Number is clicked and the lp (landing page) of the transition destination is viewe. It’s a goal that’s easy to get results because it’s easy to simulate and can guide users to your site relatively well-planned. It is suitable when you want users who are looking for similar products to weigh. Increase your ad impressions suitable for new products and services, or when you want to raise awareness of your company. By displaying a lot of advertisements, it will be a chance to catch the eyes of users and make it known to a wide range of people. If you do not secure a certain budget and post it, the number of impressions will remain small, so it is said that it is difficult to obtain the effect.

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