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Therefore, part of your digital marketing strategy should focus on building trust and long-term relationships with potential customers. Video marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your audience Philippines Photo Editor and generate an emotional response in them. That’s why hundreds of YouTube channels manage to attract thousands of loyal subscribers and reach millions of views (would you like to join the YouTube partner program?). Likewise, brands can connect with their users through small assets that produce a story.

Image, movement, sound, music, etc. Can end up having a significant impact. Statistics show that internet users are twice as likely to share content in video format. Than any other content format (articles, images, etc.).Video marketing strategy video and smartphones Philippines Photo Editor go hand in hand today. No one doubts the place of mobile devices in any digital marketing strategy. As they are the star device through which users communicate. Connect with others and consume content. The same is happening with videos, with Brightcove’s global video index for q2 2020 showing 47% year-over-year growth in smartphone video views.

There Was a 216% Year-over-year Increase Philippines Photo Editor

There was a 216% year-over-year increase in enterprise video views on smartphones and a 114% year-over-year increase in retail video views on these devices. YouTube, the video platform par excellence. The Philippines Photo Editor is also part of this trend. It’s the most popular platform for video marketers, with 85% using it in 2019. LinkedIn is also making a name for itself. Although not the most used platform, 87% of video marketers on LinkedIn said it was an effective channel for their strategies. Facebook also overtook YouTube in satisfaction, with 85% saying their use of Facebook was a success.

The growth in mobile video views (a result of increased use of social media) is forcing organizations to be more aware of the customer experience on these devices. Video marketing boosts your SEO positioningGoogle loves videos. If you include engaging and informative Philippines Photo Editor videos on your website, you can move up on the search engine. Well-done video content can lead to higher visibility for your website on Google SERPs and more traffic. If SEO keywords are essential, videos are also essential. If you apply them intelligently.

Philippines Photo Editor

Are You Already Convinced of the Weight  Philippines Photo Editor

We hope the answer is yes! Final thoughts…Creating video content for your brand requires creativity, innovation, and specific resources. But when you put them all together, you get a piece that has Philippines Photo Editor great potential to multiply your results. Therefore, bring all the ingredients to build a solid video marketing strategy and put it into practice.

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