Poland Phone Number The video store is online! Catching up with Doukuai, self-built e-commerce closed-loop, will you be independent in the future?

Recently, the video account officially announced the official launch of the video account store. The outside world believes that this is a process for the video.  Account to speed up catching up with Douyin and Kuaishou, and gradually achieve independence. Poland Phone Number At the same time, the launch of the video account store has also caused WeChat merchants to worry about the future of the WeChat store. Let’s take a look at the author’s analysis for details.

On July 21, the video account officially released two documents, the “Guidelines for Opening a Store” and the “Guidelines for Opening a Store” and “Guidelines for the Operation of the Video Store”. Store opening entrance.

 Catch up and move towards independence?

As early as last Wednesday (July 13), there were discussions about video account stores in the industrylly issued a “Announcement on Optimizing the Rule

After that, the store entrance of the video store also circulated in the industry.

After the official release of the store’s entrance, the Poland Phone Number new broadcast site immediately compared the previous version and the current official version, and found that there is no difference between the two – scan the code through WeChat, submit the business manufacturing, and fill in the relevant information, and it is completed. The application for opening a video store is waiting for the official review. Overall, the application process is simple and the threshold is low.


In the officially released “Guidelines for Opening a Store in Video Stores”, it is mentioned that the sales categories currently open for Video Stores are open.

According to the Announcement on the Opening of Video Store Window Categories that took effect on Second-level categories.

Poland phone number
Poland phone number

Among the three-level categories, 1,828 categories are open for application, 491 categories are targeted admission, 13 categories are targeted investment promotion, and 808 categories are video account windows that are temporarily closed. These categories also basically cover the mainstream daily sales of goods.

means the beginning of the closed loop of platform e-commerce, and it also means that the gameplay of traditional e-commerce operations will begin to intervene, and the e-commerce business of the platform will begin to move from the original diversion to self-operation.

Therefore, in the eyes of the outside world, Poland Phone Number the launch of the video account store not only means that the video account is accelerating the process of catching up with Douyin and Kuaishou live broadcast e-commerce business, the platform may Poland Phone Number usher in new opportunities. At the same time, it also shows that video account e-commerce has begun to enter a new stage of development.

“Is WeChat Mini Store completely unusable? After the update today, you can’t add WeChat Mini Store products to the live broadcast.”

Not long after the official release of the video account store opening guidelines, someone posted the above post in the video account exchange area of ​​the WeChat development community.

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