Powertrafic to Win the Nwx Summer Festival

After a successful first edition last year, the Festival is making its big Antigua and Barbuda B2B List comeback in Rouen on the 106 stage, from June 23 to 26. Something to delight digital lovers. is a movement created by web professionals who are supporters of the digital revolution? With more than 100 member companies. Helps companies in their digital transition by providing their expertise. Thus helping to energize the territory. It was only natural for powertrafic to Antigua and Barbuda B2B List join the movement. The world of tomorrow, today in order to engage in this deep reflection.

To Be Taken at the Time. Of the Advent of Digital.

Among the speakers are Antigua and Barbuda B2B List Raphaël Enthoven (Arte, Europe 1), Laure Belot (journalist at Le Monde), Joël de Rosnay (writer and scientist), … or even Romain Prat, co-founder and communication manager at Powertrafic. Find us! Ads in google images for the second edition of the summer festival. Romain prat will give a conference on. The art of managing generation if you want to Antigua and Barbuda B2B List listen. To the expert advice of professionals in the sector on the issue. Join us on friday june 24 from 10:25 a.M. The festivities will last four days, during which many conferences will take place, as well as exchanges and workshops.

Will Take Turns to Share Their Vision and Enlighten Us on the Place,

Antigua and Barbuda B2B List

For the most passionate, a Hackathon will take Antigua and Barbuda B2B List place during the weekend, with rewards for the best projects.  Getting there is very simple! Located 130km from Paris, Rouen is accessible by car via the A13. If you arrive by train (Paris Saint Lazare – Le Havre line), room 106 is a few metro stops from the station (Joffre Mutualité stop), then continue for 5-10 minutes to Antigua and Barbuda B2B List the address indicated.A large panel of experts in the field journalists. Business leaders researchers, philosophers or even artists –

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