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The short answer is ‘no’, and the longer answer is always ‘no’, that’s just changing. Perhaps the term search Bulgaria Mobile Number engine optimization (seo) isn’t really a good way. To describe the wealth of practices and factors it encompasses anymore. I’m sure we’ll soon start hearing “has content marketing been dethroned?” the case for this, while still Bulgaria Mobile Number designed to turn heads and stir tongues. Is particularly relevant for local businesses in the search world of 2018. As google becomes more firmly embedded in the gap between a searcher and local business websites. With featured snippets and the for example. A more appropriate question would be. Is it useful for local businesses to do content marketing.

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Im here to tell you “yes, it’s absolutely true” and also to share advice on: what to focus on with content Bulgaria Mobile Number marketing for local businesses. How it can help rankings and engagement. How to get great results on short timeframes and even smaller budgets. Which is essential for small seo agencies. Ready to put that crown back on the head of Bulgaria Mobile Number content marketing? Let’s go! Do local businesses need blogs? According to a survey of seos conducted earlier this year by my company.

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Brightlocal, 68% believed that local businesses should still have a blog in 2018. Sure, the figure is Bulgaria Mobile Number more than half of those surveyed. But it’s still surprisingly low considering the number of respondents likely to blog for local businesses themselves. Interestingly, 98% of respondents believe that local business blogs should be Bulgaria Mobile Number updated at least once a month. I would argue that what we used to call a “blog” is now just a big old bucket of content that doesn’t fit anywhere else on the site.

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