Precautions When Opening Here Is Some Things to Keep

In mind when opening an account. The examination perform when opening an account. But the reality is that there many inadequacies in “advertiser information.” And “product information”, and in many cases the examination does not pass. Although this may be true, if you Malaysia WhatsApp Number make a mistake. In the official name or url for the product to be registered. The examination will not pass. Line for business official page “points. For passing account screening” and get ready. Creative registration pink background pc illustration creative upload now, upload the creative (image or video) you created next.

Since Creative Screening

Will be conducted, let’s check the Malaysia WhatsApp Number creative by referring to the img_20210825_iconline for business official page “basic rules for advertising & creative screening” . Also, the first thing you see in the format is the image. Although this may be true as many creatives as possible that are highly visible and easy to impress, and verify the best creatives. Tag installation a “line tag” is required to track the effectiveness of ads delivered by line ads . As a result of ad delivery, you can know the number of users and conversions that have flowed into your website. The line tag has the following three types of codes. You can track the effectiveness of your ads by placing them on any page according to your purpose. Base code a code that measures user behavior.

It Is Necessary to Install

Malaysia WhatsApp Number

It on every page in the website for each Malaysia WhatsApp Number advertising account. An audience list can create for retargeting based on the acquired data conversion code a code to measure conversions. Although this may be true, installed on the thanks page custom. Event code a code that allows advertisers to freely label users. Event-based effect measurement and audience. Creation possible delivery settings pc smartphone illustration of graph screen now. Let’s set up the ad delivery. Let’s check the required items. Creating a campaign first, set the purpose of ad delivery for the campaign. The posting period, and the maximum budget. The purpose of the campaign is various. Such as inflow to the website, acquisition of conversions, installation of apps, playback of videos, etc.

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