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Modern websites not only look better, but are also equipped. With powerful features, such as push Croatia Mobile Number notifications, partially offline operation, and snap loading. But if we want to be specific, we should use the term “applications” instead of “websites”, because websites are interactive. Dynamic and built with javascript. Javascript Croatia Mobile Number as a game changer for a very long time. Google couldn’t run javascript, but in 2015 the company took a giant leap forward in dealing with javascript. It must pointed out that the evolution of a search engine is much slower than what happens in the web development niche.

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Which may explain why google remains the only. Search engine capable of running javascript. In the very Croatia Mobile Number beginning, when the world wide web was built with websites consisting only of static hypertext markup language (html). Google had a simple task to accomplish: make a request to the server → get the static html response. Index the Croatia Mobile Number page i know this is a very simple description of the process. But i want to show the differences between dealing with websites then and dealing with websites today. The problem arose when developers started using javascript (js) to add interactivity to websites.

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Croatia Mobile Number
Croatia Mobile Number

Then accelerated as dependencies on javascript became more prominent. When javascript was use to Croatia Mobile Number build an entire website . Javascript applications and websites challenges for google because after the initial request is sent to the server. Googlebot receives an empty or nearly empty html file. Content, images and Croatia Mobile Number links are add after js execution. Google solved the problem by trying to render almost all visited pages. Before we start digging deeper into javascript and some of the chaos associated. With it, let’s look at three aspects that will adjust our approach to analyzing websites.


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