The Male-Female Ratio Is Almost the Same in Addition

Which enables ads to be delivered to third-party apps, similar to facebook. Major external media such as abematv and tiktok. Are participating, and it is also a big advantage to be able to centrally manage the distribution. Of advertisements to these Canada WhatsApp Number media on the line advertising platform. [tiktok] effective appeal with videos at a young age increasing awareness among young people the location of the tiktok ad is here.

Abundant Advertising Locations

The locations for line ads are as follows. Timeline line news Canada WhatsApp Number line manga line blog line points. Line shopping smart channel in addition to general timeline distribution. It is characterized by many unique menus such as line news. Line blog, and line manga. You can choose the appropriate delivery method from. The abundant menu according to the product. We also offer the “line advertising network (formerly lap for publishers)” service. Stay in tiktok for 1 hour or more a day, which is a very effective sns for reaching young people who are significantly away from the mass media.

Approximately 9.5 Million Active

Canada WhatsApp Number

Users half of the users are in their teens to 20s. There are many Canada WhatsApp Number women in the gender ratio video advertising to young people. Is the mainstream (increase awareness) the number of active users. Is about 9.5 million, which is still small compare to other sns. But the number of downloads has exceeded 2 billion worldwide. And it will be a medium of interest from now on. Due to the characteristics of the tool that anyone can easily post full-screen videos. Video advertisements will become the mainstream, and it can be expect. To increase awareness among young people. In addition, according to a survey by z research institute, 56.7% of teens to 20s.

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