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Installments via bank slip in up to 24 installments. One more option for your buyers and one more solution for you to boost your sales. Since you receive your commissions in full at the time of approval by parcelex without risk of default. Here’s how to configure: access hotmart through the link click on products > i am a producer ; choose the product you want to enable parcelex; access the pricing and offers menu ; when selecting the currency brazilian real. The option financing by boleto parcelex will be available; inform the value of your product; carefully read all the information and check the confirmation box ; click save ; important: as it is a beta version. The tool is currently only available to certain producers. See more details on tool configuration and important rules . 4) smart installment when defining the value of your product.

Many variables are taken into account. Such as time. Added value. Market. Among others. You probably also think about potential customers and how much they are willing to pay at the time of purchase. Right? Smart installment allows you to offer your buyers the option to pay for a product in installments without compromising your credit card limit. With it. It is possible to make the product available with the number of installments that fits in your customer’s pocket. Making your chances of conversion grow even more. In addition. It is an ideal recovery tool for those who want to internationalize their business ! Hotmart data indicate the opportunity to recover up to 36% of your sales! Smart installment is really a powerful tool.

Payment Slip Via Parcelex

Here’s how to configure: when setting up your new product . Select pricing ; then choose smart installment as payment type; determine the Hungary phone number installment plan ; click on generate parcels ; in new installment . You can add new installment options; you must also set a price for payment methods that do not allow installments (paypal. Payment with 2 credit cards. Cash payments. Bank transfers); read and agree to the smart installment terms of use ; click save to complete. Important: smart installment is currently not available for sales in brazilian reais (brl). Colombian pesos (cop) and mexican pesos (mnx). In these currencies. It is possible to offer native installments. Which use the buyer’s credit card limit. And you receive the full value of the product. Without risk of default. See more details on tool configuration and important rules .

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Cart abandonment recovery fernanda went through the entire lead capture process that you planned. Invested your money and time. She was already on her checkout page and analyzing everything about her product in order to finally complete the purchase. But. For some reason. Such as not knowing the warranty period or just leaving it for later. Fernanda closes the page. And with that. You lose the opportunity to sell more! This cannot happen. But it is necessary to keep in mind that cases like this are common and it is necessary to create strategies to overcome them. Check out now 3 essential tools for this moment: 1) automatic contact management (listboss) automatic contact management (listboss) is a hotmart tool designed for you to integrate your email marketing service directly into the hotmart platform. With it.

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You can organize your leads and automate communication shots for your students or potential customers. All 100% integrated into your email marketing service. You recover lost customers with automatic email rules . Customize the message according to the behavior performed in the hotmart ecosystem and increase the chances of them completing the purchase . From cart abandonment to rejected card. Issued ticket. Canceled purchase and many other possibilities. With hotmart’s automatic contact management. A simple email can put more money in your account! In addition. The automatic contact management (listboos) makes your retrievals even smarter with the possibility of creating conditions within the segmentations and automatically migrating the lead between lists. Avoiding impacting leads already retrieved unnecessarily.

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