Red Card for Google Penalizes and De-indexes Wix Sites Bug or Warning

If you dreamed of occupying the first Russia Phone number page of Google results with your Wix site , sorry for this brutal fall, but your dream will not come true… Indeed, since last October, WIX, the platform for creating “free” and turnkey websites (a nightmare solution for any web developer and SEO!) finds itself in a more than delicate situation with Google… It seems that the research has Russia Phone number severely penalized the platform. The consequences are serious: all the sites created under Wix have experienced a sudden loss of their positions or even a total de-indexation!

The Architecture of These Sites Is Difficult for Search Engine Robots to Understand.

Why did Google penalize Wix? A priori, it would be a Russia Phone number bug on the part of Google. According to a message from John Mueller, an engineer at Google, a team would be fixing the problem and the bug should be fixed quickly. Google Penalizes Wix Sites However, it has been a month since the incident took place and nothing seems to have improved. In any case, there is no Russia Phone number official announcement from Google. Still, the so-called bug has already done a lot of damage… Wouldn’t Google rather be giving Wix a red card by warning it that free websites are not to its liking… Indeed? ,

And When Things Are Not Clear Google Sanctions! Proof of the Complexity

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  of the source code of the sites made under Wix with this comment left on Abundance SEO of Wix SitesDon’t succumb to a free website builder… As a digital marketing and SEO agency, we won’t hide from you that sites like Wix or Jimdo are not Russia Phone number our great friends! Admittedly, a turnkey site can be attractive, especially for someone who is far from the web and SEO world, and may seem profitable at first sight, but this is a decoy. The “free” is always paid for one day or another! The proof with this Wix penalty disaster that has wreaked havoc with its customers…

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