Remarketing: Definition and Presentation of Platforms

If the average conversion rate of an e-commerce website is around 2% (this percentage varies enormously depending on the sector of activity), nearly 98 users out of 100 leave the online stores that we know without carrying out Switzerland Phone number the slightest purchase. These users who did not go to the end of the purchase process could leave the site for several reasons: lack of time, price too high, no interest. equally important, In any case, with their passage on the site, they became aware of information directly or indirectly; they remember it. These users, therefore, have an important value for you since they know you and are quick,

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This is the main mechanism on which remarketing is based. although this may be true, Remarketing, what is it? Remarketing in the digital sense of the term. different from, Is similar to a retargeting technique that aims to offer an internet user. Who has visited a Switzerland Phone number website with an appropriate advertisement? In the context of e-commerce. The most common example corresponds to the process of display ads. Specific to users who have consulted product sheets. The display generally includes information related to the product(s). Consulted and may possibly include. A commercial gesture (discount, free shipping, etc.).

Dynamic Remarketing. Definition of Retargeting. The Different Types

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of remarketing Currently, remarketing can be Switzerland’s Phone number considered through different platforms. We present below some well-known examples in order to approach the essentials of the sector. Of course the list is not exhaustive. It is very likely that new retargeting solutions will emerge in the webmarketing sector. Retargeting by email Email retargeting is one of the most effective ways marketers use to retarget users they know after a specific action on a site.

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