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Those who work in smart working, as indicated by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies , have the right to receive the same treatment as the subordinate worker who continues to offer their work in the ordinary manner.

There are those, like Dr. Crespi, who believe that remote work is the first step towards smart work. In short, that the new business needs, generated by this pandemic, have given the green light to a different way of working that brings us closer, when the cultural change is complete, to a real digital revolution.

But, for the sake of precision, there are still two distinct concepts.

Remote Work How Does It Work?

To work remotely in 2022, all you need is a computer (or in some cases even just a smartphone) and a good internet connection.

There are several platforms where you can find remote jobs, or you might think about starting your own business, such as opening an ecommerce .

The first thing to do is understand what you are interested in, what you are passionate about, and what your expectations are. Doing a job remotely will give you the opportunity to independently manage your work time and, even if you will still have to meet the deadlines of your clients or employers, it will allow you to be extremely flexible.

This can be an advantage for those who want to Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number start a parallel business, or need ways to make money online , or even for those who want to travel the world and become a digital nomad and are therefore looking for a way to work on a PC remotely. . In short, there is something for all tastes.

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Remote Jobs In   Where To Find Them?

Now that we have seen the characteristics of remote working, what it means and what it is not, let’s take a look at the countless opportunities that the network offers us. The first piece of advice is to orient yourself on what arouses your interest and your creativity the most, in short: what do you feel most inclined for?

Look for your ikigai and you won’t have to work a day in your life,


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