Retirement Home Managers: Communicate via Social Networks

At a time when social networks are an integral part of our The Bahamas B2B List daily lives, it would seem that retirement homes and other establishments that can accommodate the elderly are not very interested in these 2.0 platforms. For the majority of these establishments, digital is not necessarily a The Bahamas B2B List priority.  In France, more than 2 out of 3 seniors have at least one connected device (computer, smartphone, tablet) and nearly 80% of 65-69-year-olds use the Internet to search for information, communicate on social networks with their family or make purchases.

Retirement Homes, Therefore, Have Every Interest in Investing

These figures may seem rather surprising. At first glance but when you The Bahamas B2B List think about it. The internet is perfectly suited to the elderly. Loss of autonomy and social isolation are often. The main reasons that push seniors to use. The internet to communicate more easily. With their loved ones or even to The Bahamas B2B List do their shopping. Communicating without moving from home is particularly. Useful for the elderly. The interest of retirement homes to launch on social networks. Real creators of social ties social networks allow seniors. To get out of their loneliness and keep in touch with their family members.

Seniors and Their Families. In Other Words, Indeed,

The Bahamas B2B List

 it allows to communication on The Bahamas B2B List the services offered. to put it another way, By the establishment to recruit new residents. Allow residents and families to stay in touch inform. important to realize, The families of the residents about the news and. The animations carried out within the establishment create interaction. With families by answering their questions breathe new life into. The somewhat aging image that retirement homes. May have to develop the digital presence of retirement homes. Several solutions are possible the creation of a blog. Development of an application to stay in touch with the family. Setting up a chat room on your website to answer questions from future residents. Creation of a facebook take the example of facebook.

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