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Structured data is encoded Israel Mobile Number in your page’s markup and is used to provide. Information about a page and its content. In addition to helping google better understand your page Israel Mobile Number content. Structured data is also used to enable rich results. While not all structured data leads to a rich result. Marking up content with structured data (commonly referred to as “schema markup”) can definitely Israel Mobile Number improve your chances of getting a rich result in the serps. Certain types of schema markup. Such as revisions and recipes, have the ability to produce rich output when properly implemented.

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Fortunately, implementation is a straightforward process. If you are using a wordpress site, you can Israel Mobile Number simply install a variety of plugins to add the necessary markup. Otherwise, there are many tools available to help you create and test schema markup. Including the structured data markup helper, the schema builder for seo, or the Israel Mobile Number structured data testing tool. 2. Google prefers json-ld format for structured data google supports structured data in three formats: json-ld, microdata, and rdfa. Its recommended format, however, is json-ld. Json-ld stands for “javascript object notation. Linked data” and, as you might have guessed, is presented in a javascript format.

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Essentially, it describes the information on your page without disturbing what users see. So rather than Israel Mobile Number trying to simultaneously show something to users while explaining it to google (which can be a bit complicated), json-ld separates the information Israel Mobile Number into its own section. 3. There’s no way to guarantee rich results as mentioned above. Applying structured data markup to your pages is a great first step to Israel Mobile Number getting rich results. But google can always choose not to show it for your site. Reasons for this vary, but google provides.

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