Running Adwords Campaigns: Is It Profitable

Google AdWords, for those who are still in the dark, is Google’s advertising platform on which an advertiser buys space. The advertisements created will then be China Phone number broadcast on the Google and partner network. If you want to know more about the AdWords network, I invite you to read this article. How does an AdWords campaign work? An AdWords campaign can seem a bit abstract when you are not initiated. So how does it actually work? An AdWords campaign takes place in 3 stages: creating the campaign, testing the campaign and optimizing the AdWords campaign.

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Managing your AdWords campaigns yourself is more profitable, isn’t it? If you have a budget of €1,500 per month for AdWords advertising, don’t think that this amount will correspond to the real cost… The budget can China Phone number quickly explode because the campaign must be managed by an employee who costs you money. Also count a budget for his AdWords training. You are now warned of the real cost of managing an AdWords campaign . However, if you want to China Phone number start an AdWords campaign, I strongly recommend that you go through professionals who will take care of creating, managing and optimizing your campaign.

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tell us about your project. The powertrain is also China Phone number Google Partner certified, which means that our team has been trained by Google. A significant additional guarantee for the success of your AdWords campaigns. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the proof that our Adwords expert, Romain Comoretto, has obtained his AdWords certification. Google AdWords Certified Doing AdWords: is it profitable? To be profitable or not to be… that is the question! It depends more on China Phone number the advertiser’s industry and geographic area than the size of the business. Indeed, the sector of activity will necessarily set the price of the approximate CPC.

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