Selection of 10 News Not to Be Missed: Social Networks, E-commerce and Google

With its 380 million subscribers , including 10 million registered in France, LinkedIn is the preferred social network for Colombia Phone number developing your professional network . Recruit future employees, find partners, be in contact with experts, find new suppliers, you will have understood the possibilities of developing your activity on LinkedIn are rather varied. They even go as far as prospecting for new customers. But how exactly do you go about finding new prospects? Check out our 5 effective ways to find new prospects on LinkedIn. And, although

You’re an Experienced Pro, I’m Sure You Can Learn a Few New Tricks.

You tell us! 1. Changes in jobs or skills of your followers When a person changes jobs, they are often more open to the consumption of new products or services because the desire for change is general! And that’s when you have to succeed in picking it to lure it into your nets! Your offer could certainly seduce her. But how do you know if your subscribers have changed jobs? The new Linkedin homepage keeps you up to Colombia Phone number date with news and allows you to stay in touch with your network. New job, new skills, in the blink of an eye you know if there is something new in your network!

Just Make Sure to Reach Them as Soon as Possible So You Don’t Lose

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¬†sight of them. Stay in touch with your Colombia Phone number network on LinkedIn 2. The LinkedIn Sidebar You may have missed the opportunity to duplicate your best customers! The LinkedIn sidebar (column to the right of the profile) includes the “other pages viewed” that your client has visited. It’s simple, you just have to go to the profile of one of your “1st order” customers/prospects then you have on your right, the column “other pages consulted” which contains other contacts, sometimes similar , to yours. What could be easier to find new prospects?

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