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As with any good seo strategy, it all comes down to what your target audience is looking. For in relation Afghanistan Mobile Number to your products and the sales event itself. Use past data to help you make decisions. But also look at current trends. Review your site’s analytics and trends before. During, and after the previous year’s sales events. Look for answers to these questions: when did traffic start increasing? What was Afghanistan Mobile Number the customer journey like on your site?  content helped customers navigate to certain pages? What campaigns worked? What didn’t? Why? What was the return on investment (roi) and average order value of each traffic channel to your site? What role did organic search play? Take advantage of google search trends and research suitable target keywords.

Your Products Afghanistan Mobile Number

Some terms may not be appropriate or useful as you think. Think about the “when” things need to be done Afghanistan Mobile Number and research strong keywords. Publishing black friday content the same day, or even a few days before, may not drive sales. Or help you become more relevant in search results for the term “black friday”. At ayima (my company). Our research indicates that consumers start searching for black friday-related Afghanistan Mobile Number queries in mid-october. If your content hasn’t been indexed and ranked by then. You’ll likely miss the opportunity to help early searchers attend your event.

Current Rankings Afghanistan Mobile Number

Afghanistan Mobile Number
Afghanistan Mobile Number

Take note of your current rankings for keywords related to your products and categories. If the Afghanistan Mobile Number current results aren’t bringing in the traffic you want. But you know that searches for those items will be high, start working on those pages Afghanistan Mobile Number right away. This is especially true for popular gift items (video games, personal electronics, small kitchen appliances and accessories of all categories). The graph below helps to highlight the seasonality around these annual sales events for key products and categories.

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