Seo: How to Avoid Duplicate Content

Are you a good student who respects the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number rules of natural referencing? If so, you should probably know that Google severely penalizes duplicate content or “duplicate content” as our English neighbors say. Indeed, the search engine giant favors sites that have rich, unique and quality content, because let’s not forget that Google’s primary objective is to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number provide the best information to Internet users ! It, therefore, seems obvious that duplicate content is not authorized by the Mountain View firm.

The Robots, Therefore, Find Themselves Faced With a Dilemma:

Short definition of duplicate content means that in Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number the same content is present on several pages, either on the same site or on 2 different sites . When it is identical content on several different sites, we then speak of external duplicate (which includes in particular plagiarism). Their mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number deliver the most relevant information to the Internet user then seems compromised…

Among All the Duplicated Content, Which One to Select for Internet Users’

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 requests? Loss of quality and traffic is therefore the consequence of this type of content, but it does not stop there. Duplicate content can Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone number lead to other issues: Difficulty differentiating from competitors on a targeted keyword. Metrics of links that end.  Because it is difficult to redirect to the right content. In the case of internal duplicate. Content (on your own site).  day. You risk making google robots crawl more. Pages than necessary. If the content is indexed several times. Google will not always know which is the right. One to display it in the results. Poor user experience and poor seo effectiveness. What are the risks in case of duplicate content?

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