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Here’s what a technical SEO checklist looks like on your page. You will find that this is a vertical list because most of the process is all over the site. Although you may want to create separate columns or tables for notes and answers. So you can mark and compare after you’ve made improvements. See full picture How to do a website audit template checklist SEO audit technique Resources to help with your SEO techniques Website design & user experience For the next three steps of monitoring your website fill your wallet as we will rate our home as an Airbnb rental. We don’t just look and evaluate. We sleep in bed Use the washer and dryer. Search around the spaghetti strainer. In terms of site monitoring this section covers how the site works and feels for people doing more than staying.

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Pages to view all of them with a special focus on the main landing page. Pages following your red path frequent and critical actions. Search The navigation menu is intuitive page friendly with literal bookmarks link to home page mobile menu at least 46px. Work red road without China Phone Number obstacles repetitive action is effortless. Pattern clearly marked show the defect in the field before sending completion gives a message of success. Text Family of two or less types fonts that can be read in any form all caps italics bold etc. The font size and layout appropriate to the site. Visual design clearly prioritize the most important things for visitors to know. Elements other than color convey meaning degree and function. White space around important elements to focus attention. Clear contrast between front and rear design elements.

Age Design Uses Existing Design Patterns

China Phone Number

The site has a favicon so the logo appears in the browser tab. Perspective users can immediately identify your industry and your products services can quickly intuit where to find basic information can perform basic tasks easily and quickly the buttons and links clearly explain where to take them clear the intended action on each page The look and feel of the brand is consistent with the website. Verification of site access Access refers to making sure that the information on your website is usable and accessible to people with disabilities. For this site monitoring we focus on visual and hearing impairments but full access control should cover everything including epilepsy disability.

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