Serps Are Changing: Titles and Meta-descriptions Are Getting Longer

Have you noticed a change in Panama B2B List Google result pages? Since May 13, 2016, the search engine has made a significant change in the SERPs by increasing the length of titles and meta descriptions. What are the changes? “title” tags Titles have gone from 50-60 characters to 70 characters! Something to add at least one or two words that can make a difference in the results pages by helping you stand out Panama B2B List from other titles. Meta descriptions The meta-descriptions have become considerably longer: 100 additional characters have been added to each line.

So Don’t Rush to Make Lengthy Titles! It Is Best to Wait for Confirmation

From now on the meta will be able to Panama B2B List extend up to 2/3 lines. This represents a real opportunity for optimizing your SEO because, who says more characters, says more keywords! Being able to say more in the meta helps to encourage people to click on your link even more. Change in Google SERPs Source: Twitter hays them bel hadj What to do to optimize your SEO? According to Panama B2B List Search Engine Land, this change on the part of Google would not be final since

The Mountain View Firm Admitted to Still Being in the a/b Test Phase.

Panama B2B List

that this change will be permanent before investing all your efforts in writing your titles and meta descriptions. According to Panama B2B List the Reddit site, the change in the SERPs would have gone almost unnoticed by professionals since the change would really date from May 4. However, it is only since May 13 that everyone begins to talk about it. In order to check whether this change had a positive or negative impact on your click-through rate, we advise you to compare your CTR before and after May 4th. While waiting to find out if this change is final, try to take care of your SEO ! If you need to be accompanied, we are here

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