Solutions to Block Spam in Google Analytics for Referral Traffic

You may have noticed over the past few months the appearance of Turkey Phone number referring domains with a 100% bounce rate in the Acquisition>All Traffic>Referring Sites report such … Sites with a 100% bounce rate in Google AnalyticsThe previous table displays a list of websites with a 100% bounce rate. This is not necessarily a Turkey Phone number decisive criterion for interpreting sites as Spam, however it is a significant indicator.

In Addition to the Simplified Use to Deploy the Tags by the Marketing Team,

I made a graph grouping these SPAM sites for over a month. Chart representing SPAM referring sitesYou will notice that the graph presents sessions by “robot or program” site with a bounce rate of 100%. Here is an observation that has become classic in the statistics observed. I offer you different solutions to remove these sites identified as spammers. For my part, the last solution makes it possible. To Turkey Phone number block these polluting sites more effectively. And to secure your entire tag strategy. Solutions for removing poor quality referrals First method: block sites in the Htaccess file at the Server levelRewriteEngine on RewriteCond.

Scripts Such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook…

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it is partly effective but tedious. Second method exclusion of referring. Sites in google analytics with the universal version of Turkey Phone number google analytics tracking. We have the possibility to exclude the domain. Names directly from the platform. Indeed, previous versions require technical integration in the source code to exclude unwanted referring domains in the statistics reports. Domain names to exclude Observation: as with the previous method, the listing must be regularly updated. For more info, visit the Google Analytics Help Center Third method: Google Tag Manager to hide your tracking tags GTM (Google Tag Manager) is a tag manager allowing you to encapsulate your tracking

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