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Based on alexa traffic ranking, youtube is the second. Most visited site on the web, just after google. Unfortunately, many Mexico Mobile Number digital marketers still treat it like any other social media site. But success on youtube isn’t about publishing content. It’s about optimizing your content, just like your website. It’s easy to find videos with millions Mexico Mobile Number of views and videos with almost none that are basically the same. The difference between success and failure often comes down to a few things. When it comes to youtube seo, a lot of the optimization work can wrapped. Up in a process that you can apply to all your old videos and then to each video as you post it.

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And you are about to learn this process. Here’s what you need to know if you want your content to rank Mexico Mobile Number number one on youtube for the keywords you care about. The basics this section contains the essential background information that you will need to understand. Before embarking on youtube optimization tactics. Start by Mexico Mobile Number researching keywords since youtube is a video search engine. You need to approach content creation strategically, just like you would when optimizing your website. This means doing keyword research to find out what interests your audience and how they talk about it online.

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Mexico Mobile Number

Getting started with your youtube keyword brainstorming is easy. Just go to youtube and start Mexico Mobile Number typing a keyword in the search box. As you type, you’ll get popular searches suggested by youtube suggest. Which is the autocomplete feature built into the search box on youtube. You can take this to another level by using Mexico Mobile Number the free tool ubersuggest. Which will scan the alphabet for the first letter of the next word in your search phrase. Remember to select “youtube” instead of “web” by default. Keyword brainstorming is one thing.

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