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Collection ads discover tab ads since Instagram is a service provided by facebook, it is also worth noting that it is possible to deliver advertisements with high targeting accuracy like facebook. Also, stories, which can deliver photos and videos separately from posts, is popular. An increasing number of companies are trying to get their site visited Cambodia WhatsApp Number from the site link in stories. [twitter] explosive diffusion power and speed sns suitable for increasing awareness here are the main features of twitter. Approximately 45 million active users. Most users are in their teens to 30s male-female ratio. Is almost the same strong awareness expansion such as campaign announcements.

The Majority of Twitter

Users are in their teens to 30s, but most of them Cambodia WhatsApp Number are in their 20s. And the average age is 35 years old. The results show that the gender ratio is about the same. Compared to facebook and instagram, sns is characterized by the fact that the way users connect with. Each other is closer to their interests than to actual acquaintances and friends. Since the retweet function can be expected to have a high diffusion effect, it can be said that it is a particularly suitable medium for increasing awareness among sns. An sns medium that can be highly cost-effective and aim to increase recognition the location of twitter ads is as follows. Timeline recommended user trend table in addition, the types of twitter ads are as follows. Promo ads follower acquisition ads twitter takeover.

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Cambodia WhatsApp Number

The diffusion effect of retweets also Cambodia WhatsApp Number applies to advertisements. And there is a high possibility that users’ retweets can reach new potential layers. In addition to the targets set for distribution. Leading to expansion of the target group. In addition to that, it is also important to keep. In mind that actions that are secondarily sprea by retweets not subject to billing. If you can deliver attractive advertisements that are easily retweet. The biggest advantage is that you can aim. For recognition increase with high cost effectiveness. An overwhelming number of users and wide range of ages number. Of users and age group that are outstanding compared to other sns media. Here are the main features of line. Approximately 88 million active users widely used by all generations.

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