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You need a mechanism to visit it and connect it to your leads and customers. When a customer encounters an issue or need, they often use a search engine such as google to visit the website. It is important that it is displayed at the top when searching with a search engine. There was a time when we were taking measures. With technical methods in Cameroon WhatsApp Number order to be displayed at the top, but recently. We are looking not only at the algorithm of the search engine. But also at the behavior of the search user, so it is necessary to optimize for the user. It has become. Points to optimize 1. Search result display information in search engine it is important to optimize the page title and meta description . The page title is described.

It Is Important Information That

Is displayed when the user searches and decides Cameroon WhatsApp Number whether or not the user clicks. Users who see the search results will instantly know. If it suits their task or needs, so try to be as concise. And easy to understand as possible. An important point must match the content of the page. Be aware of the number of characters displayed on the search result page. In the title, place the keyword you want to emphasize at the beginning. As much as possible, and if there is room. But the company name at the end. The titles must not be duplicated on the website meta description. Has a big influence on clicks, so include the appeal content while summarizing the page. Information on the page within a page.

Highlighted from Paragraphs

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Search engines focus on headlines as a topic. On this page and use Cameroon WhatsApp Number them as clues to get information. Also, from the user’s point of view, the emphasized text is visible, so it is important information to search for the information you are looking for using the heading as a clue. Images should be used only as information, such as text completion and information explanations, and should not be used for decorative purposes. Image heavy use has a negative impact on user experience and seo measures as it takes longer to load the page. What is seo? Beginner-friendly basic knowledge 2. Content operation content operation_imageafter completing the seo measures and optimization of the website, let’s create the content.

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