The 3 Main Criteria of Seo on Google Officially Revealed

Finally, Google confessed! During a Colombia B2B List question-and-answer session, Googler Andrey Lipattsev officially revealed which were the 2 most important factors for the ranking of results on the American search engine. These 2 criteria are added to a third already mentioned a few months ago by Greg Corrado, the Colombia B2B List engineer at Google. An astonishing and surprising revelation? Not really ! The comments made by the Search Quality Senior Strategist just confirm what every SEO specialist already knew.

Having an Effective Editorial Strategy and Optimizing Your Content

To tell the truth, it’s a bit of what we constantly harp on during our conferences or to explain our method to our prospects and customers. The real plus is that now the proof is irrefutable given the communication advanced by Colombia B2B List Google. So, now that it’s official, let’s go into the details of this Top 3 ranking criteria on Google.  In short, it is the basis of natural referencing and it is therefore normal

That This Criterion Is Among the Most Important of the Google Algorithm.

Colombia B2B List

 for SEO is therefore essential. Netlinking is also the first criterion Looks like we have a tie. Netlinking is indeed as important as the content according to the latest statements by the Google scientist. The links that point to your site are therefore of paramount importance for your natural referencing. What to Colombia B2B List put in the foreground the strategy of Netlinking . Of course, you have to respect the rules of the American giant in this area. RankBrain to complete the podium Launched at the end of 2015, the RankBrain system very quickly became an important criterion. It helps to continuously improve search results on Google based on user queries.

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