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Of this are suffered in the skin when a producer tries to use this type of tool in his business. It’s like trying to drive a nail in with the handle of a screwdriver. You can even do it. But without a doubt. It will be much less efficient than using something created especially for this function. Here are some points you need to know and consider if they make sense when deciding to use hotmart in your business. Credit card decline rates with others: high cancellation rates happen because traditional payment services have restrictive risk settings. As they work with physical goods that have manufacturing and transportation costs.

For this reason. In many cases they would rather stop selling than take the risk of sending a physical product to the wrong place. Or to a buyer who has no prior reference. In the midst of all these scenarios. Many legitimate sales are turned down and you are the loser. With hotmart: the hotpay system is designed from the initial project for the maximum approval of purchases of digital products. Considering our 5-year history in the market and a colossal volume of transactions to analyze. We understand exactly the characteristics and risks involved in selling a digital product.

So We Intelligently

Adjust the system to convert as much as possible. Accounts Honduras cell phone numbers blocked due to launch sales spikes with others: who hasn’t heard of people having a huge volume of transactions canceled after a launch? And even people who had their accounts blocked for investigation for 90 days because they sold too much at once? Again. This happens because traditional payment systems were not built for the reality of digital producers. Especially those who work with launching strategies and opening classes for a limited time. With hotmart: to create our payment system.

Honduras cell phone numbers

We used the experience of 5 years of direct contact with digital producers. To absorb all their needs and design something that perfectly reflects the reality of those who sell a digital product. We understand a launcher’s anxiety on cart opening day. The explosion in hit volume. The spike on the first and last day. The w effect. Reopening. And all other aspects of a major launch. We have built for you a system that can identify releases and offer you the support you need to make your release masterfully with maximum scalability and security.

Requirement To Fill

In many fields to buy we believe that a purchase should be like a pleasant experience and not like an afternoon at the registry office. With others: traditional checkout forms require users to fill in numerous fields that often make more sense to be informed after the purchase. For criteria for issuing the invoice or completing the registration completely. This harms the user experience and increases the dropout rates during this process. With hotmart: you can choose to remove fields such as: address. City. State. Number. Complement. Telephone and even cpf.

This will give you the flexibility to create the best possible shopping experience for your customer! Long delay to approve purchases with others: traditional payment services can take 5-10 minutes. Or up to 48 hours to approve a credit card purchase. For someone who is buying a digital product. It is expected that access to the acquired good will be immediate. Again. This not only harms your customer’s experience. It also increases the sales cancellation rate. As in many cases the payment service before approving the purchase will try to contact the customer. And if. For some reason.

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