The Digital Shift in the Insurance World Is Inevitable

As with many sectors, digital has imposed itself on Chile B2B List the world of insurance. A profession not very popular with individuals, (whether those who are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​having an appointment with their insurer let them know or keep silent forever!), customer relations have always been complex to manage. for insurers. It was therefore urgent for this sector to take the digital turn in order to facilitate interactions between professionals and customers. However, not all players have yet reached the milestone of digital transformation : 44% of insurance decision-makers believe that their company is not mature enough for digital (study carried out by Markess and Infopro digital).

That Digital Is in the Process of Imposing Itself on the World of Insurance.

If professionals are not yet ready to digitize their services, the demand from Internet users should help convince them. Indeed, the Internet audience on insurance sites has increased sharply since last year. In February 2016, 10.4 million Internet users in France connected at least once to an insurance site, ie one in five Internet users! That’s more than a million additional visitors compared to Chile B2B List last year. (Médiamétrie study)All these figures prove that it is now essential for insurers to take the digital step and offer services that combine proximity, expertise and ease of communication with their customers.

Going Digital for Insurance? First of All, We Must Be Aware

Chile B2B List

The demand is there. Now is the time to go, otherwise you will quickly find yourself overtaken by your competitors… Already a hyper-competitive sector, digital technology has only reinforced competition between the various players. The personalization of services. Prices and customer relations are essential criteria. That any insurer must develop in order to face. Its many competitors and meet the Chile B2B List requirements of. Its customers who are increasingly difficult to retain. Before showing you some examples of digital presence in insurance. I would like to come back to the consequences and benefits of digital for an insurer. What are the benefits of

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