The Importance of International Content Localization

Expanding into a new international market is an incredibly exciting time for a Switzerland Phone Number List and can open up fantastic opportunities for new growth. If you’ve done the research and are convinced that this is the best next step for your business, let me start by congratulating you. And when it comes to international seo as a necessary part of global expansion, it’s important to keep in mind that what you learned in your home country wo n’t necessarily translate to every new market. (see what we did there?) while the use case for your product or service remains the same, simply translating your existing marketing copy can upend how the information is perceived by your future customers and search engine.

When It Comes to International Seo as a Necessary

Lost in Switzerland Phone Number – a lesson in localization I came to the united states in fifth grade. To this day, I have a very vivid memory of a “self-esteem building” exercise we did in class. For the exercise, all students glued a blank sheet of paper to the top of their desk. Then everyone had to go around the room and leave positive comments about each of their classmates. At the time, I barely spoke English. In addition to knowing how to say “Hello” and “How are you?” I relied on my pocket translator to help me make sense of the world around me. After everyone finished the task, we returned to our seats to review. Comments were anonymous. For me, words too.

A Lesson in Localization I Came to the United

Switzerland Phone Number List

I took my pocket translator and started Switzerland Phone Number List translating every word, from English to Russian. One of my classmates wrote. You rock! — a common phrase, usually interpreted positively. But think of the direct translation… “you stone ! Here is where my foreign brain immediately took me: “am I boring and boring? » since then, I’ve learned that telling someone they’re rocked is a compliment. I also learned not to trust my pocket translator so much. There’s an interesting and not-so-subtle lesson here for companies looking to expand into new markets and new languages. Your good intentions won’t translate without a little extra effort.

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