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The State of Video Marketing 2020 report reveals that: 85% of businesses are using video marketing as a tool in 2020.92% of marketing teams who use video say it’s an essential part of their marketing strategy.99% of businesses that have used video marketing say they will continue to use it in 2020 .96% of people have used an explainer video to learn more Color Correction Service about a product or service.74% of people were convinced to buy or download an app or software after watching a marketing statistics With these video marketing stats at your fingertips, the future of video marketing tools looks bright.

Let’s say you haven’t started creating a video for your digital marketing strategy yet. If so, we have every reason to Color Correction Service convince you to start making . They happen and incorporate high-quality video marketing into your strategy. Video marketing generates a good return on investment.It worth producing video content? The previously cited wyzowl study confirms that it is.87% of video marketing users say video has increased traffic . On their website.81% of video marketers say video has helped them increase. The time users spend on their pages.95% of them say that video helps. Their customers better understand their products and services.

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83% of Organizations Using Video Marketing Color Correction Service

83% of organizations using video marketing say it has helped . They generate leads and 80% say video has led to increased sales.43% say video marketing has reduced the number of support calls they receive. Thanks to these benefits, 95% of video marketers said they would or maintain. Their video budget this year, and 89% said they had a good return on investment. These numbers show that investing in the video can generate tremendous Color Correction Service business value. Help achieve critical business goals. A video marketing strategy drives conversions and sales videos. The power to convert users into loyal customers. Vidyard research shows that 70% of businesses said videos work better . Than any other content format for driving conversions and sales. Embedding a video about your product or service in a landing page improves the conversion rate by 80%.

They Also Confirmed That 74% Color Correction Service

They also confirmed that 74% of users who saw explainer videos about a product or service ended up making a purchase. From a business perspective, creating these types of assets is an attractive proposition as they can help you increase conversions or sales. Remember that the Color Correction Service meaning of sight is the most predominant since the brain tends to work with images. If a photograph already has an impact on the user, the video can multiply this effect. Video Marketing Tips: Video Content Builds TrustTrust is the basis of a company’s growth and increases its profits. This is why cultivating trust should be one of the essential objectives of a company.

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