The Time of Access the Route of Flow into the Website,

And the order in which the pages are viewed after the website has flowed into the website. .. I want to hold it down only here! Confirmation point ga can acquire more detailed data by further linking with advanced settings using tags and other tools provided by google . Since this is an introductory edition, we will introduce “confirmation points. That you should keep in Morocco WhatsApp Number mind once you have introduced it.” user overview analytics user overview. On this screen, in addition to basic data such as the number of users who accessed the website. The number of sessions, and the number of pvs. How many times one user has accessed, how many pages are viewed on average per session, average session.

You can check the time,

Bounce rate, etc. Click home users overview. You can also Morocco WhatsApp Number check the number of accesses for each time zone by clicking “by the time” from. The tab below at the top right of the overview page. Analytics hourly tab if you want to know the definition of web marketing terms such as session, pv , bounce rate , please check the web access analysis terms that you should definitely hold down even if you have no knowledge . User attributes analytics user attributes on this screen, you can check the age and gender of the users who visited the website. If there is a gap between the target group and the actual user group, it is necessary to reconsider the direction of the target user and the content.

Mobile Overview Analytics

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Mobile overview on this screen, you can Morocco WhatsApp Number see the device. Used by the user who visited the website. By default, the “attract customers”, “behaviors”, and “conversions” numbers for each channel are display. If there are more mobile accesses than pcs, it can be used as an indicator for website optimization, such as improving the mobile version of the ui (user interface) that is often viewed. Prize. Channel analytics channel channel in ga means “inflow route”. On this screen, it is possible to check how the user entered the website. Click home attracting customers all trafficchannels.

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