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Someone searching for the term “miami real estate” is probably looking to buy or sell a property. This is Guatemala Mobile Number the main purpose of the search phrase. We could search virtually any site that accesses a multiple listing service (mls) in the united states and find results using the phrase. Algorithms use math and math (in this context) and are based on probability. When google determines which results to rank highest, it Guatemala Mobile Number seeks to maximize the likelihood that the searcher will come away satisfied. When many indexed sites meet a primary intent. The algorithm needs to look at the secondary intents to see what other information the searcher might be looking for. Secondary intents increase the likelihood that a site will fulfill their intent.

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Here is a very simple example: suppose 90% of searchers were looking to buy or sell real estate. Suppose 10% of searchers were looking for information on the real estate market in miami. Most, if not all, sites will fulfill 90% of intents, but only sites with information. About the Guatemala Mobile Number market itself (miami) in addition to listings will fulfill 100% of user intents. In the absence of such a site. Google must provide listings Guatemala Mobile Number that serve different intents. Knowing that a given searcher can potentially click on the result that serves the wrong intent and be disappointed.

The First Guatemala Mobile Number

Guatemala Mobile Number
Guatemala Mobile Number

This happens when it’s google’s only option, or for diversity. But when a single resource fulfills Guatemala Mobile Number multiple purposes and thus increases the likelihood that it will satisfy the user. That site is more likely to rank. There are additional data that do not correspond to the first intentions but correspond to the additional needs. When a Guatemala Mobile Number researcher has completed their main objective (finding properties of interest, reading market research, etc.), it makes sense that they can move on to the next step.

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