The steps

Clearly, a company that wishes to increase its brand. Awareness today cannot do without digital tools, alongside those of more traditional marketing. Digital marketing, in particular advertising  (Display, search, email and other online advertising formats) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) –  the technique to position the site among the Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers  top search results on Google and other search engines -, represent a necessary step. The first step, therefore, is  to optimize your site to increase its positioning on Google: in this way it will. More easily identifiable by potential customers. Another fundamental step is the. Study of keywordsto be used to optimize the website and the editorial. Contents of the blog: tools such as Analytics or Semrush allow you to do all this, even if it is always better to rely on an expert web agency.


Communication of brand values

Brands must learn to communicate their values ​​in an authentic and transparent way. For example, to associate its brand with sustainability, Lavazza made the  documentary Coffee Defenders , distributed on Amazon Prime Video, which highlights the Lavazza Foundation’s commitment to sustainable development. Not only did this result in product sales on the Amazon site, but it also increased the consumer’s perception of affinity for brand values.

Some brands, such as Lego or Patagonia , have embraced the emerging trend of brand activism , which goes beyond the communication of values, to take action. Brand activism is the clearly explicit will to take part, and not just take a position, in causes in the social sphere. It therefore means taking on specific responsibilities regarding the achievement of what is consider. By people as a common good, transforming one’s business dynamics, starting with the employees, who are the first  influencers .

Events have always been an important item of companies’ marketing budgets, with returns in terms of awareness and leads. The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the sector, and only recently has there been a return to organizing events in the presence. We also talk about  experiential marketing , because the creation of experiences is one of the most effective ways to create loyalty and brand image, making the customer the protagonist. For many years, to increase the awareness of a brand, companies have also focused on gadgets : from t-shirts to technological accessories such as USB sticks. Today the focus is on useful and sustainable objects. The power of gadgets is in  the logo, usually present on gadgets: the logo.

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Making Brand Awareness

How to stand out in a world now saturated with brands, where there is very little to “invent” again and where top-of-mind brands always reign supreme?

First of all, it is good to study what has made some brands famous that are now an institution in the collective imagination: if you think of Coca-Cola, Apple or Nutella, what catches the eye is their ability not only to create a innovative and appealing product, but also to communicate it effectively.

It is essential, taking up the concepts of Sinek’s Golden Circle, to create a “lifestyle brand”, to make one’s brand perceive as a set of values, experiences, beliefs that unite all people who share a certain lifestyle.

Knowing your target perfectly is therefore essential: in a digital world where everything is measurable and where third-party data is failing, starting from your first-party data is the best solution. It means analyzing your customer base, understanding what you want, where you want to be hired and when, on what channels and how often. Not only that, it also means understanding why some customers have been lost, why they haven’t contacted us or have not bought for a long time, and being able to contact them in a targeted way.


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