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Since there are many types of line advertisements, it is possible to deliver them according to the purpose and persona. Even though, simulation calculated using past data or a simulation tool for advertising media. You can estimate in advance what the result will be if you actually serve the ad on the selected medium. Diversion of company’s operational results Belize WhatsApp Number utilization of tools provided by the medium if your company has experience delivering similar goals, personas, and campaigns, use the results at that time. If you do not have a track record of operating your company, use an advertising medium simulation tool.

Some Examples Below

Google ads google keyword planner Belize WhatsApp Number youtube ads reach planner facebook ads. Audience reach (function in the ad setting screen) once this is complete. We will create ads and lps (landing pages) to be delivered. Consistency between ads and lp (landing page) is the key tip for making ads. After deciding which ad to deliver based on the simulation results. We will prepare the ad and lp (landing page). It is a lead that attracts with advertisements. Promotes with lp (landing page), and connects to cv (conversion). Even though, in mind the consistency between the advertisement. And the lp (landing page), and prepare an interesting advertisement and an easy-to-understand lp (landing page).

Considering Appeal Points

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It is necessary to firmly promote the attractiveness and benefits Belize WhatsApp Number of products and services in advertisements and lps (landing pages). However, there are restrictions and regulations on the number of characters for each medium. If the price is lower than the same products and services of competitors.¬†Even though, if you want to appeal the function and quality, [high quality appeal] , and in addition, it will be cheaper only for a limited time or those who see the advertisement. It’s like a [limited appeal] that strongly emphasizes . For this promotion, it is very important to determine which appeal is expected to be effective and incorporate it into advertisements and lps (landing pages) . A sense of creative unity even if you click on the ad.

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