The Update of Google Penguin Will Be in Real Time and Automated

Gary illyes webmaster trends analyst at Cayman Islands Phone number google. Confirmed on october 1 at smx in new york that. The next google penguin update will be. Real-time and run automatically. While he announced last july that the next. Google penguin update would not see the light of day for several months. The google spokesperson went back on his remarks. By stating cautiously that he hoped it was before the end of 2015. The google team has been working. On this filter update for Cayman Islands Phone number months and. It seems they have done a good job since. The arrival of the penguin update was. Only to be effective in 2016.

This Penguin Refresh Should Shorten the Time to Lift the Penalty.

No precise date announced, neither from Gary Illyes nor from that of John Mueller, but his arrival should be Cayman Islands Phone number scheduled before next year, as a nice Christmas present perhaps? What will change with this real-time Penguin update? During the SMX conference, Gary Illyes indicated that this update of Google Penguin should be both real-time and automatic . This means that at any time, the search engine that encounters a backlink that it considers fake, will immediately apply a penalty to Cayman Islands Phone number the site that receives the external link. And good news,

You Will Therefore Be Able to Get Out of a Penalty More Easily and Thus

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 return more quickly to the search results. While we had to Cayman Islands Phone number wait several months before. Google robots will be able to immediately detect if links have been deleted or disavowed by the webmaster. Conversely, the smart guys who try to play with the search engine with unnatural links will risk being penalized much more quickly. With this ability to run in real time, it will be much more difficult to determine the cause of a possible drop in traffic. It is up to webmasters to Cayman Islands Phone number manage their netlinking so as not to risk being penalized by Google.

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