There are actually several different types of theme

When it comes to work related to “music”, which one comes to your mind first? The shining soloist on the stage, the hot music teacher standing behind Kazakhstan Phone Number you when you realize you haven’t practiced, or the part of a huge orchestra?

In addition to the imagination, there are actually

all kinds of music-related jobs hidden. This time, let us take an inventory of five super special occupations and get to know 100 kinds of lives of musicians!

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Build a magical world with music! Theme park musicians who realize their dreams

The first job I want to introduce is really “dream”, because it can build a unique world with musical notes, and it is an indispensable companion for children when they play, that is-the theme park musician !

There are actually several different types of theme park musicians, one of which is a composer who writes music specifically for the park. When you take a boat through a pirate’s lair, when you spin in a bubble, when you step into a spooky elevator… The music behind these scenes is actually from professional music staff. The musicians must create different styles of music according to the different routes, facilities and even attractions in the park, so that these melodies can take visitors into a fantasy world with their footsteps.

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