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Deal management isn’t traditionally considered part of a marketing job. So why do so many search France Mobile Number marketers manage a handful of deals? How did bid management slip into the job description? I think the task was born out of necessity. Because when pay-per-click (ppc) took off in the early 2000s, ad platforms spoke a different language than their advertisers. Where adwords (now google ads) wanted advertisers France Mobile Number to set a maximum cost per click (cpc). The companies represented were more concerned with generating visibility, making sales and getting leads. These elements were best defined through target ranking. Cost per acquisition (cpa), or return on ad spend (roas).

Manual Bidding France Mobile Number

To bridge the gap, people managing accounts had to do the math to convert business. Goals into the France Mobile Number kind of bids google needed. And that’s why auction management has become a central part of search marketing. Fast forward 18 years and i think it’s time to stop manually managing auctions. In this article, i’ll cover the easiest automated bidding options to get started and in part 2. I’ll cover the most common France Mobile Number automation pitfalls to avoid. Where once managing bids was as simple as setting a maximum cpc. Things have become more complex over time. As google has introduced new bid adjustment levers to control bids for time slot, location geographies.

Google Ads France Mobile Number

France Mobile Number
France Mobile Number

Devices, demographics and now, custom audiences. With so many possible adjustments, a single keyword alone could require over 10,000 bids to account. For every possible France Mobile Number scenario! That’s more than the average person can handle. So it makes sense to get help from computers. Especially now that machine learning has France Mobile Number started to produce really good results for automated auctions. Search engines use their vast amounts of data to observe. What happens to ads that appear next to billions of searches to predict the right bid for new searches.

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