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1 what is google search console?
2 advantages of google search console?
2.1 1. Finding popular keywords for your business
2.2 2. Analyzing the most popular popular website pages
2.3 3. Knowing the source of visitor coming
2.4 4. Identifying what devices visitors can use
2.5 5. Checking compatibility on mobile devices

Finding out backlinks on your website

2.7 7. Checking for broken links
2.8 8. Identifying problems with website security
2.9 9. Submit sitemap
3 ways to add a website to google search console
4 ways to use google search console
4.1 1. Know the terms in google search console
4.2 2. Determining the target countries
4.3 3. Adding an xml sitemap
4.4 4. Connecting google search console and google analytics
4.5 5. Fix search indexing problem
4.6 6. Collecting potential keywords
4.7 7. Keyword optimization
4.8 8. Evaluating content

Finding backlink sources.

Hong Kong Phone Number

4.10 10. Use fetch as google
5 conclusion
what is google search console?


google search console is a platform provided Hong Kong Phone Number by google that can be used to monitor how the website is performing. Fortunately, until 2021, this service can still be used for free.

In addition, this platform also allows you to find out which domains can link to your website or are known as referring domains, website performance on mobile devices, to the stage of analyzing website pages on the visitor traffic side.

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