Title Tag and Meta Description: the Basics of Optimization

In the optimization of the criteria useful for the natural referencing of a web page, if an element stands out from the other factors, it is indeed the couple “Title tag” and “Meta-description tag”. Simple in appearance, the optimization of Philippines Phone number these tags is nonetheless crucial in your SEO development strategy. I propose today to come back to these elements that are too often neglected or misused. What are these tags? What do they bring to Google and Internet users? How to create these beacons in order to take advantage of the full potential they have? The Title and Meta-description tags correspond to two of the elements that can compose.

If a Book Catches My Eye, I Tend to Skim Through the Synopsis on the Back Cover.

the organic results of a Google result page. Accompanied by the URL address of the page, the tags have the function of presenting the indexed page that response to the request of the Internet user. Thus, the question of the relevance of the page and these tags on the chosen theme, is fundamental to carry out Philippines Phone number quality optimization work. Preview of Title and Meta description tags. I very often use the comparison with finding a book in a library row. Although I do not enter a request in my library, I consult the books offered through the titles of the books in the section.

Finally, if I Am Convinced That the Book Meets My Expectations Through

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 these elements, I can open it and start reading. When we draw a parallel with the consultation of Google results pages, we find some similarities with the process presented.If the element that first catches the eye corresponds. To Philippines Phone number the title tag, it is the meta-description tag. That will support the decision to consult the page. Of course apart from these considerations. The use of keywords at the level of these elements (and mainly the title tag). Remains a necessity for the positioning of the page. As a reminder the presence of keywords in. The title and meta-description tags used in the user’s request. Results in the use of bold characters.

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