To Introduce an Example of the Audience Network

With which facebook is affiliate, there apps and sites that familiar in Japan. Such as gunosy and toyo keizai online for news. Blog for games, tabelog for utilities, and jordan transfer information. There are many. The advantage of delivering ads via facebook instead of direct delivery is still its high targeting accuracy. By going through facebook, you can target Bulgaria WhatsApp Number based on the data owned by facebook and then deliver advertisements to external sites. [instagram] marketing with fashionable images and videos sns media that is easily linked to product purchases here are the main features of instagram. Approximately 33 million active users most users are in their teens to 30s.

The Male-Female Ratio

Is slightly higher for females (60%). There are many appeals to women, and stories advertisements are also mainstream. The usage rate of instagram. Is mostly in the teens to 30s, especially the number of users in their 20s. But recently the Bulgaria WhatsApp Number usage rate of people in their 40s and above is increasing. Instagram has become an sns specializing in posting and browsing photogenic photos and videos, and is characterize by many users. Who are highly sensitive to “fashionable” and “beautiful”. Instagram is especially recommend for products and services. That stimulate the aesthetic sense of women in their teens and 30s. According to survey data compiled by smm lab. Instagram has a higher percentage of people. Using it to look up “shopping information” than other social networks.

The Percentage of “People

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number

In addition, who have purchased products Bulgaria WhatsApp Number on an ec site that uses sns information for the first time as a trigger or reference” is also the highest compared to other sns, with a result of 60.7%. * reference: [2021 version] understand the actual situation of instagram users! Summary of survey data in other words, you can see that instagram users are not only using it as an sns, but also as a search engine for searching product information. Instagram, which is easily link to product purchases, is a very effective sns as a medium for delivering advertisements. Ad delivery with high targeting accuracy like facebook the places where instagram ads placeĀ  as follows. Timeline stories in addition, the types of instagram ads are as follows.

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