Traveling typography: virginia woolf

Our summer series dedicated to “traveling typography” today is mainly about domestic trips, those that the writer virginia woolf made by following her in the various changes of residence for her and her husband. On the occasion of the writers thirtythird birthday, her husband, in order to allay the anxiety that came to virginia while waiting for the printed copies of her books , decided to give her a gift that would change the lives of both of them. Virginia and leonard then went to a printers shop on farrington street, and there they bought a printing press and some boxes of typefaces.


Meanwhile Virginia Woolf and Leonard

The press was unpacked and placed in the living room, repaired e-commerce photo editing because it had arrived broken in two and immediately tested by the two aspiring printers, who had not been admitted to the courses of the typography school, reserved for young apprentices, and therefore found themselves having to learn everything from scratch. In a letter from 1917 virginia woolf recounts the first hindrances of her approach to printing “arranging the. Characters is such an undertaking that we will not be ready to start printing immediately. There are large blocks of characters, which must be separated into individual letters, and. Into series of the same type and size, and then put in the right compartments. It takes ages, especially when the n and h are confused as I did yesterday … I realize that if you want to be a serious printer you have to give up everything else.

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Virginia Woolfs Adventure With Typography

It was with these adventurous beginnings that hogarth ZNB Directory press was born, a printing house founded by virginia woolf and her husband leonard that took its name from the house that had hosted that challenging birthday present. The first titles in the catalog were two short stories three jews, written by leonard and the mark. On the wall, written by virginia collected in a single volume in 150 copies, with woodcut engravings. In 1918 hogarth press was one of the many publishing houses that refused to publish a masterpiece such. As ulysses by james joyce, officially because it was too long and demanding. For the small publishing house, but it seems that behind the. Denial there were reasons of opportunity caused from some gory. Passages of the text, as well as a probable rivalry between writers on which many are still investigating.

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