Tumblr Is Making a Comeback With Live Video

Contrary to what one might think, Tumblr is not a Sweden B2B List newborn in the world of social networks. Acquired by Yahoo in 2013, the network had been quiet for a while. And yet, on June 21, the site announced an ambitious bet. Riding the wave of live video, a flourishing sector of social networks, the “live stream” is now available to Sweden B2B List all micro-influencers. Previously dedicated to photography, this is a novelty that awaits users of this network, who will now be able to share more varied content on this platform. live video on Tumblr A surprise announcement Tumblr released the news on the sly

His Followers Will Even Receive a Notification to Warn Them,

The microblogging platform was mysteriously promoted. Its new feature deploying an enigmatic news schedule to Sweden B2B List arouse. The curiosity of visitors even life from. March had been announced! Tweet tumblr partnerships. With several applications to carry out its marketing strategy around live video. Tumblr has not developed its own live video system. But has surrounded itself with partners such as Sweden B2B List canvas. Younow upclose but also the giant youtube. For broadcasting of his videos. Each user will therefore have. To go through one of its applications to be able. To publish their video live on their tumblr account.

The Same Day on a Dedicated Site Using the Hashtag

Sweden B2B List

and once finished, the video will be available for Sweden B2B List replay like any other publication. tumblr Tumblr in the footsteps of the giants Twitter and Facebook Today in decline, the site hopes to revive its activity thanks to the livestream. But the adventure is risky, because the competition is fierce, and above all well established! Although a fairly recent practice, the “happening” has experienced a meteoric rise. Periscope, owned by Twitter, just celebrated its first anniversary with 200 million users , and since the beginning of the year, Facebook has Sweden B2B List followed suit with its new Live feature . Tumblr nevertheless has more than 230 million users

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