Unpublished Tip How to Multiply by 10 the Turnover of Your Website

The Internet is a huge source of useful information for advertisers and the trend is towards personalization! In France, 29% of online shoppers are looking for personalized offers and 44% of visitors to Brazil B2B List an e-commerce site identify themselves in order to obtain benefits from their previous visit. Today, to be efficient and make sales, you have to intelligently use the data collected in order to best personalize the customer experience. Nearly 95% of visitors leave your merchant sites without having made any purchase. If the Internet user has already visited your site and remembers information about you,

About Display, Unlike a Classic Campaign, Retargeting Is Much More Personalized

he will therefore be more apt to receive and pay attention to your messages. Faced with the growing demand for personalized offers, retargeting represents a marketing solution particularly appreciated by advertisers. What is retargeting? Retargeting, also called “advertising retargeting”, consists of setting up personalized advertising messages on other sites (partner sites) for prospects who have already visited your site, with the aim of convincing them to come back to Brazil B2B List make an action such as a quote request, a subscription to a newsletter or a purchase. This technique falls under what is called behavioral targeting. The means used are mainly Display, Facebook Ads and email.

Because It Is Based on Individual Browsing Data. This Solution Is Particularly

Brazil B2B List

used by e-commerce players. retargeting: an effective marketing technique What advantages? Retargeting is a solution for advertisers who find themselves faced with a performance problem on their website. You should know that a visitor hesitates up to 5 times before making an online purchase. Advertising retargeting directly redirecting the prospect to the product already visited, increases the Brazil B2B List conversion rate and retains the Internet user. Visitors are more inclined to communicate their personal data when they can obtain an advantageous consideration. The acceptance of cookies therefore makes it possible to acquire new prospect files and to be able to offer them content adapted accordingly. Retargeting also brings in highly qualified traffic . The generated click rate is significantly higher than those of a classic banner.

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