Updating Content: Why Your Old Content Needs Updating

At most, site content, including blog posts, has a Kuwait Phone number web lifespan of just 24 months. In fact, that’s why you’ll see a drop in traffic over time, even on important pages, because Google stops ranking pages it deems are too old. Your site is like a living entity on the web. It is important to periodically update the content of your site once it is life. It is an integral part of its engagement with search engines, customers, and visitors.

Likewise, if You Don’t Update, Search Engines Take Notice and May Not Show

On the other hand, search engines consider regularly updated posts for SEO as a haven for new, fresh and useful content for Kuwait Phone number search queries and rank them better. This basically means that if you regularly update the site with quality content, Google will definitely fall in love with it because their algorithm takes the freshness or content of the site very seriously. Every time Kuwait Phone number you update an article for SEO on your site, whether it’s a new photo, updated information, or a new blog post, search engines take it into account.

Its Browsers Because They Think the Website Is Dead, Which Is Not Ideal for Your

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 SEO efforts. Why should you update old Kuwait Phone number content Improve your click-through rate Searches for your target keyword keep going up, but the CTR (click-through rate) on your site is going down. If you encounter this, it’s probably because Browsers search for the most recent articles recently published. Your page data is outdated. Keep in mind that lower CTRs can still happen even if the impressions are the same. Now, when planning how to improve your site’s CTR, think about how search Kuwait Phone number results appear on your computer or phone.

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