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According to siriusdecisions, 91% of b2b teams that do account. base marketing (abm) see more USA Phone Number transactions from their target accounts than from non-target accounts. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for the effectiveness of abm, then i don’t know what is. In theory, abm is simple: focus most of your energy and resources on the best. fit accounts that have the highest earning potential for your business. But USA Phone Number in practice, it’s not always that simple. Despite the impressive results that organizations generate with target account strategies, abm is still in its infancy. When it comes to accounts, many marketing and sales teams still struggle with execution and efficiency. One of the biggest obstacles to an effective abm program is the selection and prioritization of target accounts.

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In fact, a 2018 survey from ascend2 found that 37% of teams. See account targeting as a top challenge. The USA Phone Number challenges of identifying target accounts. What are the barriers to creating and segmenting an effective target account list? Most often, marketers USA Phone Number face the following challenges. Lack of a clearly defined ideal customer profile (icp). Limited visibility into online behavior USA Phone Number of accounts. Inability to predict when an account is in an active purchase process.

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No way to aggregate disparate account-level data, including data. From both known contacts and USA Phone Number anonymous buying committee members. Uncertainty about how to segment account lists. Luckily, with the right data and the right strategy. You can overcome these challenges and get your team to focus on your best-fit accounts. Create a USA Phone Number core pool of ideal customer accounts the first step in data-driven account targeting is to create. A master pool of all accounts that match your ideal customer profile (icp). An ideal customer profile is a description of accounts that are ideal for your solution.

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