Use Semrush to Analyze Your Competitors’ Adwords Campaigns

Who has never wanted to know the keyword strategy used by Netherlands B2B List a direct competitor on AdWords? A tool allows it, it is Semrush. Widely used by SEO and SEA agencies, it has an interesting database for analyzing competitive keywords. It is important to note that we are using our Business subscription for this test and that if you want to find all the features, it will be appropriate to Netherlands B2B List use at least a “Guru” account. What are the features of SEMRUSH compared to AdWords campaigns The semrush tool has a multitude of features and we will focus on the “advertising research” tab.

The Figures Related to the Headings “Traffic” and “Traffic Cost” Are Purely

To launch an analysis simply enter the URL of. The site you Netherlands B2B List have identified and go to the advertising search tab. Ad-search-semrush this tab is made up of 6 parts each. Allowing you to develop the analysis on specific points. 1. Analysis of AdWords positions analysis-positions Adwords. Semrush this part allows us to have a view. Of the evolution of the number of keywords. Purchased by Netherlands B2B List your competitor with historical data. Please note that this only indicates. The keywords are listed in the semrush database and your competitors.

 Indicative and Only Partially Reflect Reality, So We Recommend That You

Netherlands B2B List

 do not base yourself on this to Netherlands B2B List assess the expenses incurred by your competitor. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.This part nevertheless has 2 advantages: knowing when your competitor intensifies his presence but also knowing which keywords he buys according to seasonality. Very useful when you are unsure of the best time to launch your campaigns. Competitors who have Netherlands B2B List been in your market for several years generally have experience with AdWords and know when to start communicating. The rule is to compare several sites in order to establish a trend. Another interesting point of analysis is the possibility of knowing among the listed keywords the average positioning of your competitor and thus knowing if his strategy.

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