Using Bid Modifiers for Mobile

Rule number 1 when targeting Albania Phone Number List traffic in google adwords (or any similar platform): don’t bid the same maximum cost per click for mobile traffic as desktop traffic. Why? It all depends on the behavior of the user. When you pay for search traffic, you (ideally) want your investment to result in a conversion or purchase. When a user is ready to convert on your site, they are considered a “low funnel” user. A sufficient portion of your ppc budget should go to these low-funnel users so that you make a profit on your investment. More often than not, these low-funnel users are acquired through computer traffic more than through mobile.

This Can Be Due to the Complexity of an Early

In many cases, this can be due to the Albania Phone Number of an early conversion, whether it’s gathering meaningful final product details, reading the fine print of an agreement, entering a credit card , etc let’s dig into an example. Say you have a website that sells kitchen appliances and you run paid search campaigns in google adwords. The keyword “four toasters” has had 7 conversions in the past month. You spent $300 for 100 clicks for this keyword. This means you have a conversion rate of 7% and an average cost per conversion of $42.86. Now let’s separate these metrics by device: sample analysis for mobile vs desktop conversion and cost the conversion rate on mobile is less than half that on desktop.

This Means That When It Comes

Albania Phone Number List

Even with a lower cost per click, mobile performs less well. This means that Albania Phone Number List when it comes to paid search investment, you want to reduce mobile traffic for that keyword to save costs. So how do you do this? Introducing (or most likely reintroducing ): bid modifiers for mobile! This wonderful setting allows you to enter a percentage for each type of device. This percentage, in turn, is multiplied by a keyword’s maximum cpc bid when a bid is triggered. Mobile bid modifiers for mobile ppc optimization let’s repeat this example with a mobile bid modifier. The average cost per conversion on mobile was twice as high as on desktop. So let’s say you apply a -50% mobile bid modifier .

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