Using Mobile Urls to Optimize Ppc Performance

If your website uses a responsive design and all. Your algeria phone number list are mobile-responsive. Without needing to adjust their urls. You can skip this section and move. On to the next one. If you have separate urls on your site. Specifically for mobile-optimized pages. Keep reading because mobile. Urls are essential for your text ads. When you create a text ad for one of your ad groups, you must use a final url; this is the url of the web page to which you want to send a user. Final mobile urls work exactly the same as a final url; they replace the final designated url when an ad is displayed on a mobile device.

The Address of This Page

Say one of your text ads takes people to Algeria Phone Number store however, the address of this page on your mobile-optimized site is storeif you enter your final url using the standard www address and leave the final mobile url blank, this ad will direct a user to that www address, regardless of what device this ad is displayed on. Creation of urls to optimize mobile ppc and user experience so, if this page is not mobile optimized and a mobile user clicks on this ad, they will be redirected to an unoptimized webpage and will likely have a bad user experience. As such, that user will likely bounce right back to your site and keep looking for another one.

Mobile Url Option With the Subdomain Address

Algeria Mobile Number List

However, if you use your final mobile url option with the Algeria Phone Number List subdomain address m (your mobile-optimized page), a user who clicks on this ad on a mobile device will be redirected to a mobile-optimized page while that other users on non-mobile devices will be directed to the standard www address. This will allow users to get the best possible experience no matter what device they are searching on. Additional pages on your website that don’t match your landing page url. Ideal for advertisers who : have good quality content on different pages that help a user learn more about your products or services. Pro tip : use optional description lines to take up more space on a results page.

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