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Share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments. What will you achieve? By the end of the course. You‘ll be able to… Identify terminology and concepts related to the aws platform explore how to navigate the aws management console compare key concepts of aws security measures and aws identity and .

Your rules courses are split into weeks. Activities. And steps to help you keep track of your learning learn through a Amazon lambda. Amazon ecs and amazon eks identify aws storage and database offerings such as amazon rds.

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Amazon dynamo db and amazon s3 assess further insights into aws’ networking capabilities Jamaica phone number  describe the monitoring capabilities of amazon cloudwatch who is the course for? This course is designed for those who want to learn more about cloud services and is best suited for technical professionals.

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This is a foundational level course that requires no prior knowledge of cloud computing but some knowledge of the aws cloud is beneficial. A photograph of the course educator. Alana alana is a cloud technologist based out of seattle. Wa and has been working at aws for over three years. Outside of aws. You can find her hiking. Running.

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Snowboarding. And hanging out with her dog kiwi. Who will you learn with? Morgan willis morgan willis morgan willis is a principal cloud technologist based in the us. Morgan has a background in software development. Technical training. And has earned 6 aws certifications.

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