Website Operation a Man Thinking About Web Operation

Once you’ve built your site, you’ll need to add and update content on a regular basis. In order to carry out on a regular basis, it is necessary to secure resources as well as a schedule. In addition, seo measures and maintenance for maintaining and improving quality are likely to be prioritized, so it is recommended to have a system and scheduling that is carried out on a regular basis. Basic action items content production create, modify, and update the Honduras WhatsApp Number content on the site. Seo measures we perform maintenance by regularly comparing and analyzing inflow kw and competition in kw. Access analysis check the access status of the site on a regular basis. Understand user behavior and connect it to content creation and seo measures.

Operation System Content

Planner we plan, design, and propose Honduras WhatsApp Number attractive content according to the client’s request . Production director we decide the purpose of the website, manage the progress from the selection of project members to the release, quality control of the content, and give production instructions. Writer in response to a request from a client, write a sentence that matches the content of the project. Things to prepare before operation secure writers for seo vs. Content production when creating new content, consider whether to outsource the writer or handle it yourself. If you are your own company, it is a good idea to check if you need to request beyond the department and share the schedule with the person in charge.

For SEO Measures,

Honduras WhatsApp Number

Clarify comparison items and work Honduras WhatsApp Number procedures since there is a lot of data to check for seo measures, it tends to take time without knowing the points of measures just by looking at the data. Identify tools for seo measures and standardize the data you see. It is also a good idea to set the implementation timing at the end of the month or the beginning of the month. Set kpi let’s set kpi in advance for access analysis. In the case of a site whose purpose is to acquire leads in btob. The number of inquiries and the number of negotiations from inquiries are kpis. But as micro kpis, the number of new users, the number of browsing. Starts and bounce rate, the staying time and the average number of page views. By grasping the current state of the site.

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